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Healthy food is our passion.

We manage the supply of processed vegetables, fruits and herbs which have grown without chemical agents in a natural environment, away from industry, processed without additives - using methods based on tradition and the experience of previous generations. We make every effort to ensure that the natural riches of our region of Europe – Poland – could contribute to improving the health and well-being of our customers.

Dried black chokeberry
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BiO/ conventional


  • strawberry lyophilisate

    fruits and vegetables

  • a glass of juice

    juices and concentrates

  •  dried mint

    dried herbs

  • Lyophilisated
  • Dried
  • Frozen
  • Pomaces

Our products undergo sublimation freeze-drying, i.e. water is removed from the frozen material with the omission of the liquid state. Lyophilised products retain about 90% of shape, colour, aroma, vitamins and all nutritional values. Hermetic packaging – airtight and moistureproof – keeps the product fresh and crunchy. The storage period may even extend to several years.


ecological: strawberry, lingonberry, black currant, billberry, blackberry, chokeberry, black elder, raspberry
conventional: all fruits and vegetables


- different ways of cutting, crumbing
- whole, ground


- hermetic bags (10, 15 or 25 kg)

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  • organic EU
  • ECO certificate

    Our operations are entirely based on the ECO quality system and comply with all the necessary requirements and regulations. We have been certified by the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture.

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    In our company we have implemented the HACCP system to ensure the safety of the food in storage.

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